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18pcs Newborn Baby Gifts Clothing Set

18pcs Newborn Baby Gifts Clothing Set

Newborns are delicate and need special care and attention. It is not easy to choose products or clothing set for newbies. There are various brands available in the market which provides baby clothing and accessories. However, it is not an easy job to chose the perfect option for your little one. Baby skin is delicate and prone to allergies and rashes. Therefore, you must choose the right product to keep your baby safe and comfortable. You can easily gift clothing sets of numerous items on birthdays or other occasions.

18pcs Newborn Baby Gifts Clothing Set

18pcs Newborn Baby Gifts Clothing Set
18pcs Newborn Baby Gifts Clothing Set

Most people are in a dilemma when it comes to gift your newborn. It is not easy to choose a perfect dress for them. However, the set of eighteen pieces is a perfect gift item. It contains all the necessary items that a baby needs for everyday wear. The set consists of towels, jackets, socks, hats, pants, mittens, bibs, etc for wear. All these are important accessories for a newborn baby. Moreover, the important factor is that these are both comfortable and safe. You can easily choose your color preference among yellow, pink and blue.

Various Clothing Accessories Present In The Clothing Set

The clothing set contains all the necessary items required by a baby.


Newborns are not aided to the cold weather outside and the temperature changes. Therefore, a jacket will not only keep them warm but also safe from the drastic weather changes. You can use a single layer cloth below the jacket.

Top Or Upper-ware

Upperware or tops are essential item for babies. The lace design makes it easy for parents to wear and remove. Moreover, your baby can use it for a long period of time.


The pants available in the eighteen piece set is easy to wear. The design is perfect and has easy pull-ups. The pants have a perfect fit and are neither too tight or loose.


Newborns usually have long nails. These sharp nails might make scars on their skin. It is impossible for you to cut their nails. Therefore, the mittens are available which covers their nails from making scars. These also keep them protected from cold weather.

Foot Socks

The foot socks keep the baby warm and keep them comfortable. Since these foot socks have a lot of space, babies do not sweat. Moreover, since newborns are not always comfortable, they like to wear spacious accessories.


It is essential for babies to burp after every feed. Sometimes babies puke and wet their clothes. In such cases, protection helps to keep the clothes safe. Moreover, these bibs are washable. So you can easily reuse it after every wash. 

18pcs Newborn Baby Gifts Clothing Set
18pcs Newborn Baby Gifts Clothing Set


Hats keep the baby warm in cold wind and weather. Moreover, if you are taking your new-born out of the house, make sure that they wear a hat.

Comfortable, Soft And Safe

All of these cloth accessories are made up of fabric material. These are safe and made of 100% cotton material. The clothes are breathable and airy. Moreover, these clothes are perfect for wardrobes and important for newbies. The clothes are of high quality and perfect for little ones.

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