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Activity Days Ideas

Activity Days Ideas

Activity days ideas are different ideas one can use in events of the Activity days. The facts are held to increase faith in God. Children between the age group of eight to eleven, are the ones who attend the event. Activity days are held twice in a month. It increases the relationship of the child with the families. The idea of activity days support the children in the work they do at home as well as that believe in God.

Activity Days Ideas: Ideas for different events

There are various ideas in which one can attain the activity days. The activity day ideas are unique and spiritual

Activity Days Ideas
Activity Days Ideas

Sharing Feelings Of How Prayers Protect Us

Prayers prove to be a holy act. One shares their thoughts and opinions to friends and families. The views are regarding prayers and service to God. The perfect idea is to talk about Prayer sandwich. The layers in a sandwich are related to different parts of the prayer. The bread is considered to be the opening prayer and the closing prayer. However, one is thankful and blessed to have the jelly and peanut butter. The idea of a prayer sandwich is tremendously unique, and one can relate to it.

Choose The Right Activity Days Ideas

In this event, everyone writes their name in a piece of paper. After everyone writes their names, there is a shuffle of the documents, and then the papers rotate. Each person writes something they like about the other person. It is a way to express love towards others. The idea of appreciating people is scarce not found these days. It helps to boost up the morale of others. The purpose of writing good things about others, not only helps them feel good but also makes them grow into a better person.

Good Manners And Courtesy

A person is admired not only for their beauty and skills. One admires others due to their behavior towards others. If a person excels in a field and is beautiful one tends to respect them. However, if the same person holds a ride and fierce attitude, people tend to change their notions. Therefore, manners and etiquettes are essential for a person to be respected. Good manners and courtesy are jotted down in a piece of paper by the children attending the event. It is a way to help them remember the steps of why and how they should behave properly and show courtesy to everyone.

Activity Days Ideas
Activity Days Ideas

Remembering The Names Of Famous Authorities

Children these days know Disney stars and princesses, but fail to know names of certain essential jurisdictions. In this idea, one plays a game of matching names with photographs. There will be photographs of different eminent personalities, and one has to match their names with their pictures. It helps them remember and memorize the names of these famous personalities who have devoted a lot of their time to serve God.

These were the few unique activity days ideas one uses and applies in those Activity days.

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