Best Experiencing Gifts

10 Best Experience Gifts

Gifts make the receiver feel special, always be it any occasion. When it comes to choosing gifts for your loved ones, you have ample of options depending upon your preference and budget. Conventional gifts like bags, coffee mugs, notebooks are some quirky gifts that you can present on some special occasions. However, if you are planning for something bigger and more exciting, here you go. Giving experiencing gifts is a new trend that is making special occasions unforgettable for the receivers. Now, let us know the ten best experiencing gifts that you can give to the special ones.

Best Experiencing Gifts: Dinner

How about taking your friend for dinner on a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary? This one makes a simple and yet special treat for your loved ones. Apart from the great food, the ambiance and time will make the receiver happy about everything around.

Ice Skating

This one is a perfect option for adventure lovers. Ice skating packages range depending upon your preferences, and you can get the most suitable one from the ice skating centers in town. If the receiver is a beginner, there will be a special training session, as well.

Gardening Class

This one makes a useful gift as the receiver will get to learn the skill of gardening. Many local community gardens offer such workshops, and the budget for the same is also quite nominal. Choose for the one your friends will love and see the happiness on their faces.

Movie Tickets

A common experience gift is movie tickets, and it is a perfect way to entertain your loved ones. Whether you accompany them or gift them a movie ticket for two people, the gift will surely make them excited if they are fond of movies.

Best Experiencing Gifts: Bowling

10 Best Experience Gifts
10 Best Experience Gifts

Bowling night is always a blast, and many of us wait till the weekend to experience it with our gang. So, why not gift a bowling ticket to your best friend on her birthday? It is surely going to be as exciting as it sounds.


A concert ticket is priceless for music lovers, and here is a chance to make your friend excited about the same. Look for the most favorite band of the receiver and gift her concert ticket of the same band.

Foreign Trip

For someone really special, this one makes one of the best experience gifts. For travelers, this gift will be cherished all their life, and they will remember you for being such a lovely friend. So, go ahead and gift a foreign trip ticket to your loved one.

Rock Climbing

10 Best Experience Gifts
10 Best Experience Gifts

For more adventure, here is an experience gift. Taking a trip to the nearest climbing center has more things to do than the only adventure. It can be a great stress buster and a relief from the busy work schedule.

Best Experiencing Gifts: Pub Crawl

How about spending a gala night at the biggest pub in town? This will be as amazing as it sounds to you right now, so go ahead.

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