Chocolate Advent Calendars

Chocolate Advent Calendars For sugar-filled Christmas

The advent calendar is a delightful gift to receive and give during the Christmas season. Opening up one door after another to unfold beautiful messages and gifts is indeed exciting. The real excitement lies in reaching the ultimate prize that is hidden inside the advent calendars. Most of the time, the prize here is a delicious piece of chocolate. Nowadays the calendars contain other goodies, toys, meat or beer too. But the chocolate advent calendars are still in trend and a favorite of all. Today ]chocolate advent calendars are available of brands like Godiva, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Lindt, etc.
Some exciting chocolate advent calendars are:

Chocolate Advent Calendars For sugar-filled Christmas
Chocolate Advent Calendars For sugar-filled Christmas

Hershey’s Reese’s Lovers Holiday Advent Calendar

It consists of twenty-four pieces of chocolate, but it rarely lasts for twenty-four days. You cannot resist after having just one for a day. There are Reese’s Pieces and different miniatures hidden inside the chocolate pieces. But the excitement lies in the fact that the prizes are hidden in only some of the pieces. And you will keep on discovering them with every piece of chocolate.

Downtown Abbey Chocolate Advent Calendar

This is a Downtown Abbey themed calendar. It contains rich, creamy German chocolates that are hidden behind each little door. This advent calendar features some favorite characters from one of the most popular aristocratic families on television.

Star Wars Chocolate Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is completely your thing if you are a fan of Star Wars. It consists of 24 pieces of chocolate. You can either get it from a departmental store or order online too.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Christmas Advent Calendar

This is the perfect one for kids. Dylan’s Candy Bar Calendar comes in the shapes of different Christmas items. Some of them include Santa Claus, snowmen, toy soldiers, gifts, ornaments, snowflakes, and so on. They will surely delight your kids as they grab their favorite Christmas items into their mouths while counting the days.

Jenny Wren Chocolate Advent Calendar

These are simple yet delicious chocolate pieces that are full of chocolate and milk treats. They do not come in creative shapes and sizes like the other chocolate advent calendars but are full of flavor. Bring home this cube-shaped Jenny Wren Chocolate Advent Calendar and have a happy counting day for Christmas.

Chocolate Advent Calendars For sugar-filled Christmas
Chocolate Advent Calendars For sugar-filled Christmas

Lindt Bear Advent Calendar

Mini Lindt bears do not fail to charm anyone, regardless of age. This Christmas, try the Lindt bear advent calendars that are appealing to the eyes and tasty in the mouth. These chocolates have the flavor of hazelnut and wrapped in milk chocolate.

Godiva Chocolate Advent Calendar

Imagine a cozy town decorated in the colors of Christmas. There are little houses there, and the window of each household a piece of chocolate. This is what Godiva’s chocolate advent calendar is all about. It comes in the form of a Christmas town with every house holding a Godiva treat for you.
Christmas season is meant to be the one filled with happiness and celebrations. Bring home your favorite chocolate calendar to add more joy and delight to your Christmas.

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