Giving Is Important For Having Happy Life, Let’s See

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Giving without expectation of a return gives satisfaction, a sense of well-being, and a sense of being one with the world. The person feels pride and happiness. He develops positivity and is an optimist. He doesn’t become selfish, so he can not have a small mind. His outlook is broad and all-encompassing. He is forgiving and therefore kind to others and himself too. So, he looks at himself with compassion; he doesn’t feel negative emotions like anger, frustration, or low self-worth. He is humble; he is well-liked. He wears a calm & happy face, so he attracts positive responses. He is not possessive because he doesn’t stash things. He gives appropriate importance to all relations; he is therefore not obsessed or emotionally dependent. He treats everyone equally and therefore has no undue attachment to someone.

Giving Is Important For Having Happy Life, Let’s See
Giving Is Important For Having Happy Life, Let’s See

Giving And Something More

Though, in this cruel world of now, it may be scarce to see a truly selfless act of generously giving, may it be to the needy, the destitute or maybe just your community, small acts of kindness continue to inspire us and shed a ray of light on our lives and bring a smile on our face. The smile on your face when you do the giving, and even see someone doing something likewise. This feeling is immeasurable, but the joy and sense of happiness you get will give you a deep understanding of satisfaction. That is power. To make you feel happy. And that my friend is truly powerful.

When we give to others whether to only one, a few, or to all of society, in our action of giving, we immediately surrender our isolation from the community of our peers, and in our giving to society, we become full-fledged members of our organization.

Giving is the process by which we turn the one into the many. Giving is contagious. Think of giving as like throwing a rock into the middle of a pond.

Watch, as the ripples of our actions spread out, in every direction, throughout the whole of the pond, and then return to the center, from whence it began. Giving is very much like that.

What we give to other people will be returned to us, “heaped up, pressed down, and overflowing.”

So, in reality, when we give to other folks, we are, in truth, giving unto ourselves, and in values far exceeding that which we provide.

Giving Is Important For Having Happy Life, Let’s See
Giving Is Important For Having Happy Life, Let’s See

With Something More On This Topic-

One needn’t be wealthy, to give. Holding open the door for an older man with a walker, like myself, costs a person nothing, and only takes a few seconds. But, that simple, thoughtful action is so greatly appreciated.

Offering a few words of encouragement and hope, offering comforting words to those who grieve, these cost nothing to the sharer and only take a few seconds of our time. Yet, those few simple words can mean so much to the melancholy and despairing. Indeed, simple, kind gestures can even save a life.

Even a simple gesture, a kindly gesture, a thoughtful action, can have the power to save lives. And it only took a few seconds and didn’t cost a cent.

Give what you can, when you can, to those who could use a helping hand, an encouraging word, a friendly smile, even a friendly hello.

In the giving to others, it is we who will gets rewarded in more ways we could ever imagine.

Be a rock. Cast yourself into the waters of need. And, watch as the ripples of your actions spread out forever. And, no one will ever be able to take away from you, the precious memories of finding a need and filling it, seeing hurt and trying to heal it, and turning a frown into a smile.

Reach out and reach down and wipe away the tears of despair. The need is so great. Give of your time, your talents, and your treasure, whenever possible. All of humanity will benefit, and none more than yourself.

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