Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas

Reasons Why Personalized Gifts Are The Best

Buy a big bag of thick pretzels. Divide them up into smaller clear bags and tie with ribbons. One or two pretzels per person. Then buy a large bottle of apple cider—you can usually find the pretzels and the cider at Walmart or your grocery store. They are non-sweet and Unique Christmas gifts, and an excellent snack to give over the holidays. You can also write a card that says, “Best eaten while watching Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” or something like that.

Unique Christmas Gifts

For families with little kids:

Make a height chart. Get a roll of paper—usually, you can get about 100 ft of paper for $10—measure along one side and mark off inches and feet. Then look up the height of different animals or objects and write those in at the various places on the paper. Ex. Galapagos Penguin 20″ Fox 2ft Hyena 3ft, Splurge on $2 mounting tape, roll up and tie with a pretty ribbon.

For friends:

If you are an organized person, save up old birthday cards, etc. Then cut off the early part and write a pleasant memory or story about your friend on the inside of the map; if it is a birthday card, write about a birthday memory you have. If it is a get well card, write about a time that has to do with being sick and doing something for each other. You can also do this on plain paper as well, but the cards are more beautiful looking. Wrap up with twine and a sprig of rosemary (for remembrance).

Your Guide To Holiday Gift Ideas In 2019
Your Guide To Holiday Gift Ideas In 2019

Christmas Gift For Husband

It is often a good idea to ask men for a list. The usual things for males are – tools, sport or hobby equipment, clothing, coffee mugs full of chocolates, toiletries, a bottle of something healthy, and when desperate a voucher. Buying something they will later buy for themselves seems a waste of a gift opportunity to me.

I buy books for my husband as he has a wide range of interests and loves reading. I pay attention to what he is interested in and talks about from TV adds, and I order some of those ‘toys’ – motion sensor light, a tiny camera, fantastic sunglasses. They never last long but are fun for a while. The selfie stick and google box have never been useful.

He has so many funny coffee mugs about the house we’ll never need another vase or pencil holder in our lives.

I used to buy DVDs, that was fun, and he watches them a lot, but now we can download movies there is no point.

All the tools he needs, he buys himself because he knows what will work best for him.

I can’t buy clothes because he is too fussy, he never wears a tie, already has plenty of Hawaiian shirts, some never worn, and doesn’t consider clothing to be a real gift anyway. When he was a child, his parents bought their school uniforms for Christmas while other kids got toys.

Our kids buy him a large bottle of rum, which he enjoys and chocolates, which he likes to share with them.

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